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From full company analysis, finanical and more. Our focus is to help make sure your company is in the right position to help take on outside capital.

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Full Company Analysis

Our Full Company Analysis includes a financial and marketing analysis, website consulting, and a due diligence report. Our analysis is based on a 50-point scale and is completed in-house by our expert analysts. After the analysis is complete, your company will receive a comprehensive report of your business model that will help you to improve.

Note: Investors can request this information from their company of interest for a fee.

Marketing Analysis

Our Marketing Analysis will include a review of your company’s branding, website, social media, and it will make sure your SEO is top-notch. This tool will ensure that your company is getting maximum online traffic and that your brand is translating well.

Finanical Analysis

Our Financial Analysis includes an in-depth review of your company’s financials, pro forma, and cap tables. This tool will also provide audits and non-audits to ensure efficiency.